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The Ultimate Leather Gloves

Our BullShark™ gloves contain top-notch leather that provides these three benefits:

  1. High tensile strength
  2. Abrasion and heat resistance
  3. Increased flexibility and comfort

High Tensile Strength

Our leather provides an intense strength that is built to outlast the tough jobs. They offer tear resistance but maintain the durable and comfortable gloves you’d want in any application, saving you time and money!

RTZ1200DP (1)

Cowhide Leather Double Palm Work Gloves

An economical yet durable, double leather palm work glove that doesn't break the budget. Features rubberized safety cuffs and a gunn cut pattern. Ideal for many applications such as Lumberyard Work, Material Handling, Shoveling, and General Construction. Shop Here.


Premium Double Palm Goat Grain Hide Leather Gloves323L

If you are looking for added strength, durability, and protection, this is your glove. Constructed of goat leather and has front double palm protection. Ideal for Agriculture, Construction, General Manufacturing, Masonry Work, Material Handling, Metal Fabrication, Railroad Work, Steel Work, and Warehousing. Shop Here.


Abrasion and Heat Resistance

Abrasion resistance helps to withstand mechanical action and protects the removal of materials from its surface. This allows the glove material to retain its integrity and hold its form. Who wouldn’t want long-lasting, efficient gloves?

Leather has natural flame-resistant properties that protect workers in high heat applications, such as Forestry, General Construction, Landscaping, and more.

Side Split Cowhide Leather Gloves303L_1
These split cowhide gloves are great for many applications. Featuring natural split leather with front double palm and back fabric for added protection. Ideal for Agriculture, Construction, General Maintenance & Manufacturing, Masonry Work, Material Handling, Metal Fabrication, Railroad Work, Steel Work, Warehousing, and Welding/Foundry. Shop Here.

Increased Flexibility and Comfort

Even though leather gloves are bulkier than gloves such as drivers, the BullShark™ gloves are comfortable and flexible. The assumption that leather gloves are hard, is far from the truth! Leather may not be as easy to bend as other materials, but our gloves maintain their flexibility throughout wear - keeping you safe, secure, and happy.

When choosing a glove to meet your application and needs, it’s important to consider the performance features of both the style and the material that is used. We are constantly trying to improve our products for your safety needs! Explore all of our leather gloves today.


Premium Grain Cowhide Leather Palm w/ Hi-Viz Orange Back Gloves

For those in need of additional visibility, along with durable premium cowhide leather palm, the RTZ1300HV might be what you're looking for. With its full hi-viz orange backing and contrasting hi-viz lime reflective striping on the knuckle strap, your hands can capture the attention of potential jobsite dangers. Ideal for Agriculture, Farming, Maintenance, Utility Work, Road Work, and Construction. Shop here.


Premium Cowhide Leather Palm w/ Hi-Viz Lime Back Gloves

This glove is a great solution for those requiring
 additional visibility out of your hand protection. This unlined glove is constructed of premium grain cowhide leather with hi-viz lime backing and reflective striping on the knuckle strap. A 2-1/2 inch rubberized safety cuff provides protection to the wrist and allows for ventilation and easy removal. When your hands need to capture the attention of potential roadway or job site dangers, this glove is an ideal choice. Shop here.




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