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How To Keep Your Employees Safe On The Job

It is one thing to know what equipment you need and another thing to know how to properly use it. Ritz Safety not only magnifies the serious need for PPE - no matter what the job is - but also dedicates time to help our customers with questions, specific needs, custom equipment, and more. We strongly value our customers and we strongly value safety. So how can we help you keep your employees safe on the job?

1. Know Your Business & Your Industry

You are the only one who knows the ins and outs of your business and all the processes and jobs performed. That's why it is so important that you know your business and the industry standards and regulations that come along with each job function. Being is safe means something different for everyone so making sure that you're aware of all the safety that is needed in your business is imperative to keeping a safe workplace for every worker. 

2. Stay Up To Date On Safety Guidelines

The regulations for maintaining safe workplaces are always changing to address new threats, advancements, and opportunities to keep workers safe on the job. Keeping up with these changes can be a daunting task but ignorance is never a good excuse to find some ways to stay up to date with the changes so you can stay safe and compliant. We compiled a list of places to stay in the know in our recent article, 4 Ways You Can Stay Up-To-Date On New Safety Information, use that as your starting point to stay informed. 

3. Train, Train, & Train Again

Keeping up with safety training is the greatest way to mitigate accidents. Keeping safety and how work is performed in a safe manner top of mind is the single greatest way to reduce workplace accidents. We recommend finding the right training certifications and making sure they are maintained by each worker. Then consistent reminders, updates, and toolbox talks can keep safety a focus for every worker. If you need some fresh material to present at a toolbox talk or to educate your team on safety just contact us or reach out to your rep and we will be happy to come out or align some training to come onsite with your team. 

4. Be Equipped With The Right Protection

It is awful to hear about an accident where safety equipment was being utilized but the accident didn't fully protect the worker because it wasn't the right equipment. We work really hard with our customers to make sure they are utilizing the right safety equipment at every turn of their roles and job requirements. It takes a team to make sure no corner is being cut and the right equipment is being utilized in every job. We represent a wide range of products so that we can always be prepared to provide you with the right recommendation and product to keep you and your team safe. 

5. Find A Safety Partner

All the above recommendations are fantastic but they are hard to keep up with and a safety partner can help. From training to product selection a safety partner like Ritz Safety provides insights and accountability. Keeping you up to date on the safety guidelines, new equipment, advising on the right equipment and providing resources to keep your workers safe is our priority. We have a mutual goal of keeping workers safe and we have our roles to play in making that happen so find a safety partner that will help you enhance and encourage safety within your organization. 

Reach out to us!

With over 15 locations throughout the United States, we are able to give our customers the time and value they deserve. All of our locations have amazing employees who will drop everything to help a customer, whether it be a simple question or a new line of equipment. We do whatever it takes to make our customers happy and most importantly, safe! We know the importance of PPE in your job site and facility and we want to always give our best. Reach out to us here ->


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