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Schools reopening is definitely exciting but it comes with Covid-19 precautions that every school should take into consideration for the safety of the kids. To ensure student and staff safety, there are key safety recommendations...

1. Face Masks

Face masks can decrease the likelihood of airborne particles coming near the nose and mouth. This is a simple and proven tool to protect students and staff from the bacteria and transmission of Covid-19. Each face mask needs to correctly fit on the wearer. If they fit well and are worn correctly and consistently, the students and staff will be more protected and limited from the virus.

2. Physical Distancing

Another easy and efficient precaution for Covid-19 is distancing students and staff at least 3 feet apart within classrooms and hallways. The CDC recommends people to maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from other people. However, using other precautions, such as masks, will definitely help the spread being 3-6 feet apart. Covid-19 signs can help maintain and remind the staff and students of the physical distance that is necessary.


3. Classroom Cleanliness 

On average, 25-30 students can be in a classroom at a time for one hour during the day. This means that on average, 175-210 students will step in multiple classrooms, each day. Making sure that the classroom is clean and wiped down between each period/class is a necessity. Having disinfecting wipes and sprays is a MUST for staff and teachers to keep their students safe from the bacteria lying on the classroom and school surfaces. Providing hand sanitizer for each class is also a necessity for the access of staff and students.

4. Temperature Checks

Taking students' temperatures at the school may not be feasible. However, families should monitor students' health and keep them home if they have a fever of 100.4 degrees F or greater or any other signs of illness. Shop thermometers here!


Stay prepared and stay aware!


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