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In The Orange Zone


An essential tool for an essential job…more than just a cone.

The backbone of every job site, traffic cones are used to channelize road users, divide opposing motor vehicle traffic lanes, divide lanes when two or more lanes are kept open in the same direction, and delineate short duration maintenance and utility work.

To help reduce the number of fatalities and draw attention to work zones, JBC began manufacturing injection molded PVC traffic cones. In 2005, they introduced a patented Revolution Series (RS) black base cone. The RS series has become the award-winning and best-selling traffic cone in the world in a short 11 years.

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Features of the RS series traffic cone:

  1. Ergonomic handle to ease deployment and pick up when on a job site.
  2. The recycled black base is made from post-industrial PVC (this old PVC once wrapped telephone wires and power lines). The RS series contains 40 – 70% recycled material in every cone.
  3. Injection-molded design means every cone is the same, with no drip marks or inconsistencies.
  4. Dimpled interior of conical prevents sticking together while stacked and reduces collar failure.
  5. Cones do not fade to pink or white.
  6. Recessed area for sheeting keeps collars from scaling and helps reduce adhesive failures.
  7. Cones can be recycled.

Cones are predominantly orange and are made of a material that can be struck without causing damage to the impacting vehicle. When cones are used on freeways and other high-speed highways or at night on all highways, or when more conspicuous guidance is needed, cones are required to meet a minimum of 700 mm (28 in) in height.

Statistics from the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse show there were 762 fatal crashes in work zones resulting in 842 deaths in 2019. In addition, 135 roadway workers were killed in work zones in 2019. The vast majority of people killed were motorists, passengers and pedestrians…Statistics from 2018 show there were 123,000 work zone crashes—31,000 of which injury-involved crashes resulting in 45,000 injuries--underscoring the need to observe work zone speeds and eliminate distractions when approaching and driving through work zones. (Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives.)

While cones do not prevent fatalities on their own, the awareness they bring to work zones and job sites are unmatched.

With JBC’s patented design, quality is a guarantee. The interlocking mold prevents separation and failure. Watch for the dots, and know your cone!

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