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Guide to Exceptional Grip Work Gloves: From Dotted to Silicone and Cold-Grip Varieties


Guide to Exceptional Grip Work Gloves: From Dotted to Silicone and Cold-Grip Varieties

Which grip gloves reign supreme? The answer differs based on the nature of the work and specific gripping needs. For example, a glove perfect for wet conditions won't necessarily suit dry or oily environments.

Selecting the right work glove is pivotal for job safety and performance. An excellent grip ensures the secure handling of tools, minimizes accidents, and amplifies efficiency. Conversely, a glove with poor grip can result in hand fatigue and accidents. The importance of a glove's grip can't be overstated.

The gloves highlighted here are celebrated for their enhanced grip and maintaining optimal hand mobility.

In challenging work settings, only the best protection will do. This directly influences user experience, safety, and comfort throughout the day. High-grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) also fuels productivity and minimizes injury. Among the various glove features, grip stands out. Here, we delve into our top gloves designed to enhance grip. Let's explore some notable grip properties:

Top Grip: MaxGrid™ Fabric

A prime example showcasing D3O® technology is the MCR Safety® Forceflex® FF2930. These gloves excel in wet, dry, or oily conditions. Here’s an overview of palm materials tailored for different working environments:


Material Acids Water Abrasion Dry Oil
Max Grid Fabric 5 1 5 4 5
Nitrile 4 4 4 4 4
PU 1 1 4 3 4
Latex 0 1 5 5 5
PVC 3 3 3 3 3
Neoprene 3 4 4 2 4


Materials scoring 4 or above are ideal choices.

Silicone Grip Work Gloves

Silicone grip boosts any glove's grip capabilities. With its hydrophobic nature, silicone repels water, preventing penetration and ensuring a stellar grip. This makes silicone grip gloves the top choice for handling slippery items.

Lightweight Grip Gloves

These gloves are perfect for precision tasks like electrical work and assembly due to their flexibility and lightweight design. They often have textured surfaces for enhanced grip.

Latex, Nitrile, and Cold Grip Gloves

From latex's flexibility and resilience to nitrile's ability to resist chemicals, there are multiple glove choices for various environments. For cold conditions, gloves like the Ninja® HPT with Hydropellent Technology offer superior moisture protection.

Dotted Gloves

High-quality gloves often employ designs like dots and patterns for enhanced grip and wear. The dotted designs, commonly made from nitrile, PVC, or synthetic materials, offer improved grip protection.

Cut-resistant Dotted Gloves

For those requiring cut protection, PVC dots paired with a Kevlar®️ shell offers both grip and protection.

Leather and Synthetic Gloves with Grip

Leather gloves have always been a favorite for those needing reliable grip. Meanwhile, synthetic leather provides the grip advantages of natural leather but with added durability and versatility.

Gloves for Handling Glass

Handling glass requires a glove that offers both protection and grip. MCR Safety Cut Pro® 92743LT is perfect for this, offering a latex coating for exceptional grip.

Commonly Asked Questions

How to improve grip on gloves?
There are several methods, like adding textured surfaces or specific coatings.

Which gloves are best for grip?
The Maxgrid material is a top choice for various grip needs.

Which gloves enhance grip for slippery objects?
Products coated with HPT technology are ideal.

Do leather gloves offer a firm grip on reins?
Reinforced palm leather gloves, like the Mustang MU364 series, are perfect for reins.

Enhance Grip with MCR Safety Gloves

In today's world, a reliable grip is a must-have glove feature. We've discussed several glove products tailored for grip. Each has its unique benefits.

For over four decades, MCR Safety has been a global front-runner in protective wear. Regardless of the task, be it gripping machine components or construction work, we have your back. We're dedicated to safety.

Whatever your field, we've got the protective gear for you. Check our online PPE catalog for more!

This article was provided by our partners at MCR Safety. Read original here. 

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