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Tread Safely With The Ice Gripster™

Before you know it, the cold weather will be here along with the snow, ice, cold wind, and cold temperatures. Or maybe you work in an already cold climate where you have to tread on slippery surfaces. It's not always easy getting the job done when you're slipping and sliding everywhere. In fact, it makes the job not only harder but less safe. Let's fix that:

These Ice Gripster™ Treads Anti-Slip Traction Cleats might be just what you need to get the job done, no matter the terrain. These cleats feature four heat-treated carbon steel studs at the heel and size at the ball of the foot that digs into slippery surfaces offering improved traction. The flexible TPE rubber has a pull tab that allows for easy on/off use and the overall lightweight material stays strong and flexible in subzero temperatures.



Industries that are recommended for these cleats are Road Construction, Construction, Roofing, Trades, Installers, Contractors, Delivery/Service, Landscaping, Utilities, Logging, and Winter/Ice Sports.

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Grab a pair today to be prepared for that winter weather!

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