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Staying Within OSHA Standards

Depending on your specific Industry, OSHA can have different standards. There are a few things to keep in mind when complying with OSHA’s standards and rules:

  1. See what standards OSHA is citing in your industry
  2. Maintain injury and illness records and submit to OSHA electronically, if required
  3. Report all severe injuries and fatalities to OSHA within the specified timeframes
  4. Post OSHA's "Job Safety and Health: It's the Law Poster" in your workplace
  5. See a list of key employer responsibilities
  6. Chat with us on what PPE you should be using -


How do you identify and control safety and health hazards in your business?

There are many industry-specific resources that can help guide you with compliance assistance. Find your industry below!

Agriculture and Forestry                                            Construction, General

Agriculture Operations                                                            Construction Industry
Grain Handling                                                                           Electrical Contractors
Youth in Agriculture                                                                 Highway Construction
Agriculture Operations Publications                                   Residential Construction
National Grain and Feed Association                                  Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Industry

Energy                                                                               Health Care

Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and                 Dentistry
Distribution Industry                                                                Health Care Facilities and Professionals
Green Jobs

Manufacturing                                                                Maritime

Apparel and Footwear                                                               Maritime
Battery Manufacturing                                                              Ship Building and Repair
Chemical Manufacturing
Concrete and Concrete Products                                          Mining
Food Processing                                                                         Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing
Lead Smelters
Lubricant Manufacturing                                                         Retail and Wholesale Trade
Meat Packing 
Metal Manufacturing                                                                  Fireworks, Retail Sale
Plastics Industry                                                                         Lumber and Building Materials
Poultry Industry                                                                          Restaurants
Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mills                                         Retail
Semiconductor Industry
Wood Products Industry

Services                                                                           Telecommunications

Automotive Repair and Maintenance                                   Temporary Staffing
Beauty Industry                                                         
Building Cleaning and Maintenance                                      Transportation and Warehousing
Diving                                                                                             Warehousing and Storage
Dry Cleaning                                                                                 Airlines
Fireworks Display                                                                       Beverage Delivery
Laboratories                                                                                Taxi Drivers
Landscaping/Tree Service                                                      Trucking


When it comes to staying within OSHA standards, as an employer, you must understand what your industry needs to succeed safely. You have a responsibility to provide a safe place for your employees.

Understand your workers' rightsUse the Compliance Assistance Quick StartLearn more about OSHA rules and Standards


Not sure what the correct PPE for your job application? Contact us today and we will help -


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