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Protection From The Sun

As regions of the US are experiencing unprecedented heatwaves it is important for companies to ensure their workers are taking precautions. Employers need to outfit their workers with cooling products to help them beat the heat. The technology may seem complex, but it can save lives.

Dangers of Heat

Every year, thousands of workers experience preventable illnesses due to heat exposure. The human body gets rid of heat in a process called dissipation to help maintain a healthy body temperature. This process happens naturally, mostly through sweating. When dissipation does not happen quickly enough, the internal temperature will continue to rise, increasing the risk of dehydration, cramping, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.

Overexposure to heat can lead to damage of the brain and other vital organs as well as death. 700 people die from extreme heat every year. Thankfully, heat exhaustion and stroke are easily prevented by taking proper precautions, such as the use of cooling products. Let’s chat about some cooling technology!

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Moisture Wicking technology is used in cooling products and a variety of workwear designed for those who work outdoors or in hot environments. This technology depends on two properties for performance: capillary action and permeability. Capillary action is the movement of sweat (or any liquid) through tiny holes in the fabric caused by molecular forces between the sweat and fabric. Permeability is the ability of the sweat to transfer through the fabric itself. These two forces move moisture away from the skin allowing for the transfer of sweat that it then quickly dries.

A great product that does this is the Hard Hat Terry Cloth! This added cooling item snaps onto any sized hard hat, full or half brim. The terry cloth is super-absorbent, soft and has a cotton fabric that absorbs without needing to be washed first.

Evaporative Workwear

Evaporative workwear features PVA material. PVA, or polyvinyl alcohol, absorbs sweat and water. PVA material soaks in the water which when applied to the body allows workers to quickly cool down their core temps. To activate, soak in cool water and ring out excess. These products are dry to the touch while retaining moisture that keeps workers cool.

Moisture-wicking and evaporative workwear aren’t the only PPE that can help keep workers cool. Hats, hat shades, and highly reflective clothing can also protect from heat. Beyond cooling products, workers should follow the guidelines below to prevent overexposure to heat.

1. Hydrate.
2. Wear Sunscreen.
3. Acclimate.
4. Get some air.
5. Take a break.
6. Be aware.

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