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Coveralls To Aid In Hurricane Cleanup Efforts

In the aftermath of a hurricane, once the area clears, you may be approached with questions regarding disaster cleanup and remediation. Be prepared for these requests by learning about the hazards you may face and the activities associated with hurricane cleanup, widespread flooding, and damage to property and infrastructure.

After a hurricane, there are many possible hazards:

  • Contaminated floodwaters
  • Heat stress
  • Electrical hazards
  • Zoonotic hazards
  • Power equipment/heavy machinery

Many of these require the appropriate PPE. Protective garment selection is the sole responsibility of the end user. Selection should be based on performing a hazard-risk assessment to ensure the garment selected is appropriate for the intended use. Coveralls may be a requirement in some clean-up situations so always consult with your safety lead or reach out to one of our safety experts. Regardless when clean-up efforts after a hurricane are in motion there is no telling what you may be exposed to in different environments and coveralls are a barrier of protection worth considering. 

Uses for DuPont PPETyvek_400_TY127S_750x1250_200 (1)

  • Industrial pressurized cleaning: workers may be exposed to industrial cleaning agents and tasks, such as tank and machinery cleaning, which require pressurized washing and protection from water-based chemicals
  • Maintenance and plant operations: DuPont offers a wide range of protective apparel for protection against hazardous and non-hazardous particulates and light liquid splashes
  • Emergency response: a higher level of protection is needed in manufacturing operations that require refrigerants, where ammonia leaks could be a threat


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