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Lock Out the Intruders

General Security Checklist

Identify weak points using our checklist: Improve the protection of your facility today! Every question you answer with “yes” indicates vulnerability. Reach out to us as soon as possible in such cases.

  • Are your basement/side doors unprotected because they have no additional safeguards?
    • These entrances are often neglected, allowing intruders the opportunity to get in undisturbed

  • Do the entrances lack protective hardware that covers the cylinder?
    • Protective hardware offers visible deterrence and simultaneously protects the profile cylinder against attacks

  • Do the entrances lack a profile (door) cylinder with a security card?
    • High-quality door cylinders offer the greatest possible protection against forced entry and simultaneously provide key security

  • Is the door hardware screwed on from the outside?
    • Visible screws provide an open invitation to intruders

  • Does the existing profile cylinder protrude more than 3 mm out of the fitting?
    • Just 3 mm of “overhang” can be easily broken off. Such an overhand can result in loss of insurance protection

  • Does the entrance door not have an additional lock?
    • An additional lock offers visible deterrence and more stability due to the additional securing point

  • Can unfamiliar visitors open the door completely when you open it?
    • An additional door lock with a blocking shackle prevents direct entry into your home

  • Is there no peephole, or does the existing peephole only allow part of the corridor to be seen?
    • A secure peephole should make unwanted visitors immediately visible

  • Do your windows lack additional window locks?
    • Keep in mind that most commercially available windows can be jimmied open in just 10 seconds

  • Do the hinge sides of your windows lack additional safeguards?
    • Hinge-side safeguards are part of basic protection, since securing windows and terrace doors on both sides makes it hard to open from the outside

  • Can small children easily open windows themselves?
    • Window safeguards can prevent intrusion and accidents

  • Are the shutters not secured from the inside?
    • Light protection and privacy shielding are not enough – only shutters with an additional lock are protected against being raised from the outside by unauthorized persons

  • Are the basement windows not protected by appropriate padlocks?
    • Basement windows are points of entry that are often forgotten. Quality padlocks keep intruders out

  • Can the grating be lifted from the outside?
    • Basement shafts are also popular points of entry. Grating safe-guards effectively prevent grating from being lifted

  • Are the attic/top floor windows easily reached but not able to be locked?
    • Using “climbing aids” (ladders, etc.), intruders can easily climb onto the roof. Window safeguards offer the “highest” level of protection


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