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Hurricane Recovery Protection

Recent hurricanes have been intense with sustained wind speeds reaching 157 mph, a category 5 level. When a hurricane strikes, those that are in its path face serious hazards - heavy rains, high winds, storm surge, flooding, fallen buildings or structures, and even other disasters such as tornados. But once the storm has moved on... the hazards don't end. Post-cleanup workers face many difficulties when trying to recover from a disaster and if you don't have the right equipment - more difficulties and danger arise.

What jobs are needed after a hurricane?

When it comes to post-cleanup and recovery after a hurricane, there are countless workers needed:

  • Electricians
  • Construction Workers
  • General Labor
  • Disaster Recovery Specialists
  • Hurricane Shutter Installer
  • Security

And countless more.

There are plenty of PPE that you'll need during and after a disaster. But let's focus on these two:
Gloves and Eyewear!

One of the most important safety items you'll need when cleaning up after a hurricane. Why? Well, you have many hazardous items layering around the area of destruction. While there are many more, here are just a few:
    • Sharp jagged debris
    • Slippery surfaces
    • Bacteria, bloodborne pathogens, and infectious organisms
    • Cleaning up debris and materials
    • Mold from general cleanup
    • Injuries from equipment, such as chain saws and even chippers
    • Floodwater
    • Flying debris during high winds
When it comes to construction, general maintenance, material handling and more -  the cowhide, split leather palm glove by Cordova is ideal, especially when protecting your hands from hurricane hazards. Cowhide is comfortable, abrasion resistant, durable and more economical! With a 2.5 inch starched safety cuff and gunn pattern - this cowhide glove is going to be ideal for cleaning up materials around the hurricane destruction path and can keep your hands from getting injured.
Another ideal glove to have in your recovery bag is our Neoprene/Latex Premium Gloves by Cordova - flock lined and offers an embossed grip. Unsupported neoprene is impermeable to gases, vapors and moisture. It is similar in flexibility to natural rubber latex and maintains physical properties in temperatures ranging from 25-300°F. Perfect glove for coming into contact with mold, bacteria, bloodborne pathogens, infectious organisms, floodwater and more.
Eye Protection
Another important safety item to go along with gloves is safety eyewear. While you may be using your hands to cleanup every debris and material within the hurricane destruction path, you may experience high winds or falling debris while cleaning up. Having protective eyewear while cleaning up everything is going to be just another extra step towards protection. Our Ritz Radical Safety Eyewear is designed and engineered to protect your eyes from dirt and debris while providing a cool, modern look. It features:
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens that provides 99.9% UV protection
  • A bayonet temple design
  • Soft, thermoplastic rubber clam shell nose piece and temples for comfortable fit
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ High Impact Standards

The Ritz Radical is a great choice for a variety of work environments like hurricane cleanup - construction, utilities, oil & gas and roadwork industries. 

There are other safety items that are needed during cleanup - make sure you are prepared before a disaster strikes. Ritz Safety is always here to help you and prepare you! Either call 800-451-3077 or email us at

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